Welcome to
The Skin Klinic
Acne? Aging Skin? Sun damage?
Bring it on!

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Welcome to The Skin Klinic

My name is Martina and I am a qualified Skin Care Specialist and owner of The Skin Klinic.  The Skin Klinic has a unique approach to skin care. It is a clinical skin care studio that is as modern and relaxing as a spa but as trusting and serious as a medical office.

 My studio is not a spa, even though there are parts of the skin treatments that are relaxing, however it is a clinical studio and as such it is result oriented.

 Acne? Aging Skin? Sun damage? Bring it on!

I am a personal trainer for your skin.

For the past twenty years I have specialized in advanced facial skin care treatments that help my clients achieve a clear and healthy skin, and reverse the signs of aging.  My main interests are acne and aging skin.

All treatments are carried out in the cozy and comfortable environment of my clinic, equipped with the latest technology and using safe, tried and tested skin care methods.

I use only methods and products that have been developed by the leaders in professional skincare and tested by myself over the years.  All are based upon proven scientific research to help prevent and correct existing skin damage and enhance skin health and longevity.

After all, skincare is an an essential part

of a healthy lifestyle.